Hand Dyed Leather

We are the only manufacturer in the UK that can offer a genuine hand-dyed leather on our Chesterfield sofas and chairs direct to the public.

Our process involves sourcing leather in its unfinished state known as leather "crust". We then apply a base colour coat by hand using a fully aniline natural dye. The sofa is then upholstered by our time served craftsmen.

Once the item has been upholstered it is then passed to our highly skilled finishers, this is a process that involves applying a second coat of colour then a deep coat of leather cream which nourishes and softens the leather.

When this coat has cured for 2 days we then apply a very rare palm leaf wax imported from the North East of Brazil, this is then buffed by hand until a deep patina is achieved. This painstaking process of making a Chesterfield using the hand-dyed leather takes up to 5 days.

Our hand-dyed leather is the best leather available today in Britain. Ask us for a sample of this unique product.

Our leather recreates accurately period colours from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian & Art Deco eras Colours available

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