Vegan Friendly Chesterfield Sofas

We've had a variety of non-leather sofa options available for a long time.

You've been able to order our entire range of Chesterfield sofas in a selection of stunning British Velvets for years. And due to recent changes in our manufacturing process, they're now 100% vegan-friendly!

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Vegan-Friendly Velvet Sofa

But now we've gone one step further with a range of luxe faux 'vegan' leathers. So you can get that timeless classic Chesterfield look while remaining environmentally friendly.

Like our velvet sofas, there are no animal products used in the manufacturing process. This new range - and all our products going forward - uses 100% vegan-friendly glue and foam. Unlike many other manufacturers.

Our Vegan-Friendly sofas are ready to buy right now. Simply select 'British Velvet', 'British Wool' or 'Faux Vegan Leather' from the 'Upholstery' dropdown menu on any of our sofa or chair product pages.

How To Shop For A Vegan Sofa

Vegan Sofa Menu

Our full range of leather sofas will still be available. But they too are now made with non-animal products in everything except the leather hides.

Vegan Sofa

Award Winning Vegan Sofas

We were recently awarded 'Best Vegan Sofa' in the Peta Vegan Homeware Awards for our 100% vegan-friendly luxe faux Vegan 'leather' sofas.